Thangka Coins

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Scott Semans published an Info Sheet on Tibetan Ga-Den Thankas
that is the best method for classification and attribution of these coins.
I have created a web-page with all varieties with photos and prices.

Complete list of Ga-Den Thangkas
on a new page!


This page is for reference. These coins are not for sale.
Coins are not shown to scale or actual size. All images are thumbnails.
Select image to see larger version.

Ga-Den Thangkas Kong-Par Thangkas Early Tibetan Thangka Coins


Early Tibetan Thangkas

Unlisted Early
Qian Long Thangka
Unlisted Early
Qian Long Thangka

The aboveThangka was photographed by Gylfi Snorrenson.
It is unlisted in any Western publications although it is
mentioned in a Chinese publication. I will give more
publication information as it becomes available to me.

C-5 Early Thangka OBV C-5 Early Thangka REV

C-10 Early Thangka OBV C-10 Early Thangka REV

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Kong-Par Thangkas

C-60.2 Kong-Par Thangka OBV C-60.2 Kong-Par Thangka

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Ga-Den Thangkas

KM 13.5 Ga-Den Thangka OBV KM 13.5 Ga-Den Thangka REV

Y 15
2 Thangka OBV
Y 15
2 Thangka REV

The 2 Thangka coin is easy to spot. It is twice the thickness of
all other Ga-Den Thangkas and almost twice the weight

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