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*Ga-Den Thangka List*

Ga-Den Thankgka Coin & Price List

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Ga-Den Thankga Pricelist

This is a complete list of the Ga-Den Thangka series based on Scott Semans Info Sheet #11. I will place KM# where appropriate. This should be a full list of all varieties. This will be updated periodically for accuracy and additional information. I encourage you to e-mail me with questions, criticisms, ideas, mistakes, or any other input.

This section is under construction!!!!!
Many Photos are in Error and are not listed correctly!!!

Type A
Type B
Type C
Type D
Type E
Type F
Type G
Type H

The breakdown of this series is based on a few major variations and many minor variations. The major variations can be attributed by 3 distinct Obverses and 2 Distinct reverses.

The 3 Obverses & 2 Reverses are below

Obv.1 Obv.2 Obv. 3

Rev. 1 Rev. 2

Type A. Circa 1840's. Dod-pal Mint

Type A. obv. rev.

Obverse 1 / Reverse 1    
Y13-Aa Obv Rev          
Y13-Ab Obv Rev          
Y13-Ac Obv Rev          
Y13-Ad Obv Rev          

Type B. 1880-1895. Dod-pal Mint

Type B. obv. rev.

Obverse 2 / Reverse 2    
Y13-B:1 Obv Rev Dot left of Lotus Rev. NW & N NE SW        
Y13-B:1b Obv Rev Dot left of Lotus Rev. NW & N SW        
Y13-B:2 Obv Rev Dot left of Lotus Rev. NW & N SW S        
Y13-B:3 Obv Rev

No Dot

Y13-B:4 Obv Rev              
Y13-B:5 Obv Rev              
Y13-B:6 Obv Rev              
Y13-B:7 Obv Rev              
Y13-B:8 Obv Rev              
Y13-B:9 Obv Rev              
Y13-B:9a Obv Rev              
Y13-B:10 Obv Rev              
Y13-B:11 Obv Rev              
Y13-B:12 Obv Rev              
Y13-B:13 Obv Rev              
Y13-B:13a Obv Rev              
Y13-B:14 Obv Rev              
Y13-B:14a Obv Rev              
Y13-B:14b Obv Rev              
Y13-B:14c Obv Rev              
Y13-B:14d Obv Rev              
Y13-B:14e Obv Rev              
Y13-B:14f Obv Rev              
Y13-B:14g Obv Rev              
Y13-B:14h Obv Rev              
Y13-B:15 Obv Rev              

Type C. 1895-1896. Tip Mint

Type C. obv. rev.

Obverse 3 / Reverse 2    
Y13-C:1 Obv Rev          
Y13-C:1a Obv Rev          
Y13-C:2 Obv Rev          
Y13-C:2a Obv Rev          
Y13-C:3 Obv Rev          

Type D. 1896-1899. Tip Mint

Type D. obv. rev.

Obverse 3 / Reverse 2    
Y13-D:1 Obv Rev          
Y13-D:2 Obv Rev          
Y13-D:3 Obv Rev          
Y13-D:4 Obv Rev          



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