1, 3, and 5 Sho Coins

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This page is for reference. These coins are not for sale.
Coins are not shown to scale or actual size. All images are thumbnails.
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Early Period Sho Coins Sho 3 Sho
  5 Sho  

Early Period Sho

C-93 Tao Kuang Sho
C-93 Tao Kuang Sho


1 Sho Coins

Y-23 Type (a) OBV Y-23 Type (a) REV

This photo was provided by Gylfi Snorrenson. It is an odd variation.
Note the small (V) or "bird" on the back of the lion. (Thanks Gylfi)


5 Sho Coin

Y-8 5 Sho (1909) OBV Y-8 5 Sho (1909) REV



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